El 25/9/19 a les 13:46, Ron Tarrant via Digitalmars-d-learn ha escrit:
> Hi y'all,
> I've been Googling how to do this, but coming up with nothing definitive. Are 
> there any articles for how to do this for:
> Windows?
> Linux?
> other UNIX-alike OSs?

On Bebian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, You have "d-apt" <https://d-apt.sourceforge.io/>

If you static links your d program, you don't need any package from it at 
But if you dynamic links it, you've runtime libraries for GtkD "libgtkd3-nn" 
and TkD "libtkd-nn" on "d-apt".
"nn" on library name should be replaced with the DMD major version (without 
initial zero). 
i.e. For the last DMD version, "libgtkd3-88" or "libtkd-88".

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