On 22/12/2019 7:11 PM, moth wrote:
hi all.

been learning d for the last few years but suddenly realised...

when i use this code:


the output displayed on the windows command line is "ÔÖÑ" [it works fine when piped directly into a text file, however].

i've looked about in this forum, but all that i could find was people in 2016[!] saying the codepage had to be altered - clearly nonsense, since Rust [which i am also learning] has no problem whatsoever displaying "♥".

This is not nonsense. This is the correct solution if that is what you intend for your program to do.

Not everybody will want this. They may have set the code page themselves in some way. It may not have even occurred within a D application!

Its best we leave it as the default to play nice with other applications and libraries.

is there any function i can call or setting i can adjust to get D to do the same, or do i have to wait for something to be fixed in the language / compiler itself?

best regards

moth [su.angel-island.zone]

Not a bug. This is a known issue on the Windows side for people new to developing natively for it.

I just checked the terminal emulator I use, ConEmu and yeah it doesn't have to do anything to make Unicode "just work" settings wise. Its conhost with its legacy which is what you are facing.

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