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switch to using char[]. Unfortunately, there's a lot of code out there that accepts string instead of const(char)[], which is more usable. I think many people don't realize the purpose of the string type. It's meant to be something that is heap-allocated (or as a global), and NEVER goes out of scope.

Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback. Makes sense to me.

It really depends on your use cases. strings are great precisely because they don't change. slicing makes huge sense there.

My "strings" change a lot, so not really a good fit to use string.

Again, use char[] if you are going to be rearranging strings. And you have to take care not to cheat and cast to string. Always use idup if you need one.

Will do.

If you find Phobos functions that unnecessarily take string instead of const(char)[] please post to bugzilla.

Ok, will keep an eye on it.

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