I've been skimming through https://dlang.org/spec/ddoc.html in order to understand how can one use ddoc to generate nice htmls. I tend to use markdown to log some daily work or copy down code examples. For learning purposes I wanted to try ddoc for this but could not find any information on ddoc.html page on how to actually generate the html page. I guessed that dmd should have a switch to generate docs and was correct: dmd mylogs.dd -D would generate mylogs.html.

I decided to generate the actuall ddoc.html by simply copying its contents into a separate file and calling dmd -D on it but the generated ddoc.thml file contained only the title and nothing else. I was then told on IRC that ddoc.dd lacks files with marco definitions. But where are these files? I suspect these are the many .ddoc files in https://github.com/dlang/dlang.org root dir:



But how do I link them together then? Do I need to have some specific dir structure? I might be wrong but I couldn't find this information on ddoc.thml. Maybe the documentation page needs some improvement? I could add this information if only I knew how to do it in the first place :)

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