On Thursday, 30 January 2020 at 21:18:04 UTC, MoonlightSentinel wrote:
On Thursday, 30 January 2020 at 21:09:41 UTC, Simon wrote:
Hi dlang community,

I'm trying to implement a "reset" functionality which should revert all variables to the program start initial state.


import Graph;
protected Edge[string] m_string2edge;

int main()
    // adding some elements
    // not important how it works
    // m_string2edge[name] = e;

    // resetting it
    m_string2edge = null;
    m_string2edge = new Edge[string]; // <- won't compile

    return 0;

How do I revert my variable to the init state?

Thanks in advance,

You can use m_string2edge.clear() if you want to remove all entries from m_string2edge.

See https://dlang.org/spec/hash-map.html#properties

Hi MoonlightSentinel,

in this case it won't compile:
..\Electrics.d(42): Error: function Electrics.clear() is not callable using argument types (Edge[string])
..\Electrics.d(42):        expected 0 argument(s), not 1

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