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Jacob, would you want to try your hand at tweaking the defaults? They
are in a string in https://github.com/dlang/dmd/blob/master/src/doc.d.
Clearly there's agreement these can be improved, and it's incredibly
more productive to just improve the content instead of arguing how it
could. Thanks!! -- Andrei

My design skills are quite limited. The theme I'm using for TextMate is basically the same as Apple is using for their documentation. But now when I tried to find a link to it, I see that they've changed the design.

If I can use what I already have it might not be that much work.

Two questions:

* Can we have DMD output a separate CSS file? What will avoid the colon issue mentioned before and avoid the need to have 300-500 lines of CSS code in each HTML document

* Can we create a new macro which will be used for each source code line in examples enclosed in "---"? That would allow to add line numbers with CSS

/Jacob Carlborg

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