I have been working on a plugin for Vim 8 and NeoVim which runs linters while you type in Vim, which is an improvement over the plugins for Vim so far which can only lint after you save a file back to disk. So far my plugin seems to work pretty well, and I have been using it for my job, mainly for Python and JavaScript code.


I'll note again, you need either NeoVim or Vim 8 to use this plugin, as it uses the new job control functionality for asynchronous execution in either editor.

I'm pleased to announce I just managed to push some support for linting with DMD and some extra DUB support which actually works, with some caveats. It will try and find the DUB project directory, and use `dub describe --import-paths` to get the import paths automatically so it knows about the types imported into your files, which I helped add to DUB for this explicit purpose a while ago. (So it's probably in the version of DUB you are using now.)

The caveats are that I haven't tested this that much, so there could be some bugs I don't know about, and that this won't work in Windows at the moment. In order to lint while you type, you must pass the contents of the file you are editing via stdin to a particular program. DMD doesn't accept source files via stdin, so I had to write a Bash wrapper script saved in the plugin directory which will do that for me.

If anyone is running NeoVim or Vim 8, give it a go. Let me know what you think. Hopefully someone will find this useful. I've been dealing with some RSI issues recently, so I won't put too much work into this for the immediate future, but I'll work on this some more when my wrists heal up a bit just because I want to use it personally.

For maintainers of DMD, I would love it if an option to read source files via stdin could be added. It could be something like -stdin. Then it would be very easy to use DMD to check source files from stdin input. It might also be an idea to add a second option for suggesting what the filename of the stdin input should be, in case that matters. I know eslint has such an option, and it could matter in some cases.

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