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I'd love to design our own high speed formats, but then they'd be
incompatible with everybody else's.

You already mentioned in an other post [1] that the compiler could do the linking as well. In that case you would need to write some form of linker. Then I suggest to develop the linker as a library, supporting all formats DMD currently supports. The library can be used both directly from DMD and to build an external linker. When we have our own linker we could create our own format too without having to worry about compatibility.

I guess we need to create other tools for the new format as well, like object dumpers. But I assume that's a natural thing to do anyway.

Bundle that with something like musl libc and we will have our own complete tool chain. It would also be easier to add support for cross-compiling.

[1] http://forum.dlang.org/post/nrnsn7$1h3k$1...@digitalmars.com

/Jacob Carlborg

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