On 9/18/2016 11:33 PM, Stefan Koch wrote:
However the maintenance burden is a bit heavy we don't have enough menpower as
it is.

A major part of the problem (that working with Optlink has made painfully clear) is that although linking is conceptually a rather trivial task, the people who've designed the file formats have an unending love of making trivial things exceedingly complicated. Furthermore, the weird things about the format are 98% undocumented lore.

DMD still has problems generating "correct" Dwarf debug info because its correctness is not defined by the spec, but by lore and the idiosyncratic way that gcc emits it.

Doing a linker inside DMD means that object files imported from other C/C++ compilers have to be correctly interpreted. I could do it, but I couldn't do that and continue to work on D.

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