On Sunday, 18 September 2016 at 23:21:26 UTC, Gerald wrote:
I would like to suggest that the existing DWT forum be renamed or replaced with a more generic GUIs forum. As far as I can tell, the DWT forum doesn't get much traffic these days and I don't believe any of the current GUI options for D are sufficiently popular to warrant their own specific forum.

While I primarily work with and have an interest in GtkD, I'm interested in posts with regards to all of the available GUI options (GtkD, DLangUI, etc) for D since I have general interest in desktop applications. I think grouping everything in one forum, similar to what is done for IDEs and Debuggers, would bring together posts and people that share a common interest.

Indeed, now that there are few good quality gui libs, we must rename the forum to GUIs, DWT is too specific and I wonder how many people even know what DWT is.

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