Dne 20.9.2016 v 21:14 Intersteller via Digitalmars-d napsal(a):

Vibe.d looks great on the surface but lack of documentation, commonly used functionality, and that it looks like it is dying suggests that putting any effort in to it will be a waste. Go, OTH, has tons of frameworks, most are actively support, very well documented(beego, revel, etc), and feature rich.

If I am going to put any work in to something, I want to make sure that I can depend on it in the future. It doesn't look like this is the case with vibe.d. Hopefully vibe.d will not die and will mature enough in the future so it actually provides a good alternative to the current web frameworks.
Ok, can you link some of your request about what missing on vibe.d? It is easy to say this framework does not support this. this framework has bad doc and so on. But these are statements without any proof. So this post does not have any value until you add some specifics. It would be nice if you share what exactly do you miss from vibe.d and what doc need to be improved. For eg. from my POV vibe.d doc is ok and there is everything I need (OK I would prefer better async-event lib, but AFAIK Sonke works on a new one)

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