14 months ago i tried to write my first webapp. initially i chose vibe.d to be my framework. i got a simple app running quickly, but due to my lack of knowledge about webapps in general i got stuck at rather fundamental things. like doing authentication over oauth, or even have a rough guideline how to structure my app.

as a beginner using d and vibe.d is quite hard. nobody takes you by the hand and it is that read the fucking manual situation :D .. most of us are quite lazy with reading the docs, and want to see some working stuff! :) (at least if you are programming on fun projects and not for your job)

so as a result for my own project i switched to nodejs. nodejs fresh, its new and its in use everywhere .. every problem has been tackled with it and stackoverflow solved 90% of my problems. i still produced the worst spaghetti code with it because i didn't know how to structure a webapp correctly.

to my conclusion .. if you don't know what you are doing switch to something popular and you will be much happier. npm install icecreammachinewithsprinkles! but if you are good at what you are doing and see the benefits that d can give you it is worth staying.

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