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On 09/20/2016 03:14 PM, Intersteller wrote:
Vibe.d looks great on the surface but  lack of documentation,


There's also two examples right on the homepage. Did you try scrolling?

I'll grant that the stupid "modern" sales-pitch-first, content-hidden-in-small-print-below web design style that's so popular and now used on vibe's homepage makes those harder to find than they should be, but still, these ARE right there on the homepage, and it's very complete.

I agree. When I fist saw the new layout, it took me a few minutes to find my way around. "Documentation", one of the most important points, is not very prominent and leads you to "First steps" instead of the "API Reference" (which again is not very prominent). Maybe it would help to separate "API" and "First steps" and make points like "Authentication" (and other common features) more prominent.

commonly used functionality,

Not really. Cite examples of such missing functionality?

and that it looks like it is dying suggests that

You're just making that up, aren't you?
Here: https://github.com/rejectedsoftware/vibe.d/commits/master

Not to be a dick, but you really didn't look *at all*, did you?

Given that vibe.d's last release was on "Mon, 04 Jul 2016" (~2 1/2 months ago) I don't know where the OP got that impression form either. If you look at Go's release policy you'll see that it has had a 6 months release cycle since 1.5[1], with longer breaks before that:

go1.7 (released 2016/08/15)
    Minor revisions
go1.6 (released 2016/02/17)
    Minor revisions
go1.5 (released 2015/08/19)
    Minor revisions

[1] https://golang.org/doc/devel/release.html

Wrong claims or assumptions like "vibe.d is dying" have to be addressed on this forum, since they might (wrongly) turn off potential users.

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