I'm going through bugzilla in increasing ID order looking for tasks to bootcamp, and am finding a bunch of old bugs that haven't been looked at in a long time.

It would be really great to get rid of some of these old issues and generally put some order in our bugzilla. If some are just enhancements that given the current direction of D will never happen (as is the case with the proposed syntax "static else if" as an alternative/replacement for "else static if") please let me know and I'll look into closing them.

We've been liberal about putting things in bugzilla. Well, at some time we also need to look at them - it's not a write-only database like in that joke :o).

For example, https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1448 should be addressable. Either we should provide a translation function for outputting things and recommend it, or document that codepages that D runs on Windows etc - there's got to be a solution. It's not an NP-complete problem. Can somebody fluent in Windows codepages take a look?



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