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https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5051 -- Andrei

As asked for time and time again, this shouldn't be an external tool
handling it but dmd-fe should.

What is dmd-fe?

dmd front end

Yah, making the front end a library would probably be a good way to
create such a tool. -- Andrei

And to enable the creation of many others.

I've looked into pluging DMD-FE inside a Vibe.d server a while ago, in
order to be able to link usages to declarations (and the other way
around) using a Github API.

There are a couple of things that prevented any usage of the FE as a
- The frontend uses loads of globals and static - not only does it makes
for an horrible library interface, but it makes it so that you cannot
just discard the result of a semantic analysis and start over.

- DMD currently disables the GC. Enabling it causes random errors during

- All files in DMD should have to be moved to match their package
definition ( explanation in
https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16071 , there was also a thread
on this topic a couple of weeks ago).

- The frontend depends on the backend when inline ASM is involved (and
if you want to parse druntime's modules...). You can make this a soft
dependency in some cases, but then the frontend just won't see your
`ret` for example, so your flow control should not depend on your inline

We really should move the asm block into druntime.
A single pragma could replace most of the special behavior considering we have CTFE. Of course to do this properly we need to be able pass "code" as string to be replaced and then mixed in.

struct Asm_x86 {
    string __astParse(string text) {}

Asm_x86 asm;

void func() {
        asm {

void func() {
        pragma(__ast_raw, [0xC3]);

But I did mention this previously in a reply to another thread, there is still holes and needs somebody else to really go through it.

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