I recently reread Walter's 2012 article, as it's _the_ piece I recommend to others who want to know about D from a technical perspective:


Given the great success of H.S Teoh's subsequent article with a long example of implementing a calendar,


to the point where there was even a CppCon talk stepping through Teoh's calendar example using Boost Ranges and the equivalent C++ syntax,


it would be great to have a follow-up article that expanded on the original article, talked about practical experience over the subsequent years, and emphasized the context and differences from other languages of this concept, some of which Andrei mentioned in the reddit comments at that time:


I think a follow-up article, perhaps published as a post on the dlang blog, would get more attention nowadays and maybe get more people to read the original article, similar to how Voldemort types got much more attention on reddit recently:


I would like to read such an article, and I think it would get more attention on the language, ie provide some marketing.

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