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> On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 at 23:31:42 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
> > That's not a very convincing argument IMO. DMD packages are 
> > available for download on this site. As I have learned the hard 
> > way, the experience isn't always the best when you rely on 
> > distro packagers. I once had to change distros because of a 
> > package maintainer that didn't care that things were broken. I 
> > would much rather rely on a project's own packages, because 
> > there is an incentive to make sure they work, they won't get 
> > abandoned, and the latest version is always available. There is 
> > no sense in which DMD is not available to the masses.  
> According to this page
> there are only distro packages for Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch. If 
> that's accurate, there really is no sense in which GDC is more 
> available than DMD.

You'll have to check the distros themselves to get the full
list. Usually, if the community is big enough, there will be
one enthusiast that thinks this Dlang thing is cool and adds a
package in some external package list.

... just google for "<distro> gdc"


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