On Thursday, 1 December 2016 at 20:57:13 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
The simplest way to go here is to accept an initializer for the entire ubyte/ushort/uint/ulong underlying the bitfields. -- Andrei

In terms of efficiency at compile time, indeed. But there's multiple paths there. You could assign to the value directly, which would require intimate knowledge of how the implementation works. Which then means you'd need a helper.

Under the hood for my implementation, in fact, it makes that single initializer for the bitfield. I'm currently storing in a ubyte array that stores in multiples of 4 bytes, and as a part of parsing the defined struct it also creates an initializer for that array. I'll have to do a bit more work so that I can also specify the underlying storage type or intelligently work it out (the example I used here, in fact, would only ever want one byte of storage to match C++ built-in bitfields exactly unless I'm mistaken).

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