On Thursday, 18 May 2017 at 19:33:25 UTC, Walter Bright wrote:
Thanks for the link. I don't understand what they mean in saying I don't get Rust's vision.

A lot of Rust users seem to think they own the memory safe market. Language with GC = Bad. What they forget is that a good GC can be unnoticeable in code execution.

Take these silly benchmarks:


Despite Rust not being a GC language, you expect the Rust results to have a lower memory usage then D. Or D to have a larger execution time for the lower memory ( early GC cleanup cycles = lower memory usage but performance hits ).

The D Ldc vs Rust are the most relevant as its the same backend. But even with DMD or GCC those cpu/mem results can be better then Rust. Even Crystal pushes better results on the same backend.

But i was under the assumption that anything that is not Rust is simply bad? /s

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