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> They dont have plans for a standalone rust ide, like clion for c++

Remember CLion is first and foremost a CMake based IDE that happens to have
excellent support for C and C++ files. Also Rust, and a whole load of other
languages for which there is a CMake build capability.
> I think a community support for the Dlang intellij plugin is our 
> best hope
> we can start a kickstarter project and donate money to them .. 
> might work
> I would donate to them if they also include a refactoring tool

There is no "they" IntelliJ-DLanguage is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA being
written by the D community, that is "you". Sadly, currently, only a couple of
people are putting in a bit of their spare time to keep the project moving. 

If more people in the D community had the attitude "I can help with that"
rather than "I wish they would so something", D tooling based on mainstream
infrastructure would be a lot better than it currently is.

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