For instance, D is my favorite language, and I try to promote it as much as I can (reddit, stackoverflow, even on the go-nuts google groups).

But professionally I still use C++ (#3 TIOBE), PHP (#7), Go (#16) and now Dart (#20).

Not D.

Despite Go and Dart are very recent "post-D" languages, people are already starting to use them a lot these days. Whether you trust or not these "pseudo" rankings, they are probably already more popular than D, despite they are still in their 1.x version.

That's sad, because the same developers who now use Go (including me) could have started to use D instead. But they didn't.

Obviously Google's great support and marketing help a lot, but most developers are not as dumb as you may think.

They just use what solve their daily problems. In the end it's often as simple as that.

That's why now I always use D to develop my command-line tools. It gets the job done quickly and easily.

Same for Go and Dart. Despite I don't really like them actually.

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