And a splendid job Francis is doing. I should be contributing more, but till
October, little chance of that.

The project could do with more people working on it. You'll get practice using
Kotlin, which is the native code language that will be competing with Go and
Rust next year! 

All programming languages have a number of niche IDE, but when it comes down
to it, traction of a language is really determined by the support in Visual
Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. cf. Go, Rust, Kotlin. Clearly, on proper
analysis, this is a correlation rather than a causation, but it is all
intimately related. D needs the IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Visual Studio

On Sun, 2017-08-06 at 06:07 +0000, Francis Nixon via Digitalmars-d wrote:
> I'm one of the people currently working on the D intellij 
> plugin(same username on github). We have a fairly comprehensive 
> here: 
> Currently one of the problems I'm having is that D is really 
> complex(I assume everyone else trying to make a good D IDE as 
> this problem). This means features that are deceptively simple, 
> like goto declaration are quite complex. One thing that could 
> really help with this project would be a contributor with 
> experience on the D compiler, which could help with features like 
> goto declaration and code completion. Additionally I suspect that 
> we have mountains of bugs, so it would also be helpful to get 
> lots of user testing.
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