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While the Orgs using D page is very nice ... I hoping to hear more personal stories ...


How do you use D?

For personal projects, using a mixed form of OOP and procedural programming (I won't make static classes if I'm not forced to, like in Java and C#).

In work, (key projects or smaller side projects)

I almost got a job at Sociomantic, that's all. If I were asked to develop someone a PHP based website, I'd probably would use vibe.D instead, while keep telling them that how much I had to work with PHP.

in your side project, (github, links please)

Projects that have been publicized:
-PixelPerfectEngine: https://github.com/ZILtoid1991/pixelperfectengine A 2D engine mainly for retro games, once I get a way for efficient 2D acceleration it probably could easily handle native HD resolutions. -OpenRG: https://github.com/ZILtoid1991/OpenRG A response to the abandonment of easily usable raster graphics acceleration, will be written in DCompute for easy portability. I currently need more people on planning stuff, mainly for embedded systems.

Currently nonpublic projects:
-libPCM: A Library for converting and playing back various PCM and ADPCM formats. Currently having issues with finding usable ADPCM codec guides. -libLZHAM: Compression algorithm using an obscure algorithm found on github with my own enhancements, like an archive file format. It has speeds comparable to ZLIB, but almost the same compression rate as LZMA (sometimes it even surpasses it). DCompute version is planned.

just to learn something new? (I would easily argue that learning D will make you a better C++ programmer, maybe not the most efficient way, but I a sure it i very effective)

I pretty much learned C (and C#) through D.

Did you introduce D to your work place? How? What challenges did you face?

I introduced it in my college, I even made an OOP project using D as I no longer liked Java. My teacher could instantly read it, since he was pretty good with C++, Java, C#, and many others.

What is you D setup at work, which compiler, which IDE?

VS2015, DMD for x86 (thinking on working on an ARM codegen), LDC for everything else (engine will have several optimizations for single board computers like rPi, and maybe even mobile phones).

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