On Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at 15:40:08 UTC, Ryion wrote:

I applaud the people who contribute but reading posts here that pushing people ( on a lot of topics ) to contribute does not exactly motivate. It shows a rather desperation that we do not see in other languages forums.
porting /
expanding the plugins.

It feels like this approach is just wrong... When people are motivated, they so so from themselves and do not need the "gentle" pushing on a forum to do so.

It's not pushing, not desperation. It's just a fact of life in community-driven projects. And this is certainly not the only community I've seen it in. The fact is, the things that get implemented, whether they be IDE plugins, libraries, tooling, whatever, actually do get implemented because someone stepped up to do it. Sometimes things get abandoned and others step in to take them over, other times they rot. So it's perfectly reasonable advice to give someone -- if you see a hole that needs filling, you can either try to get someone else to fill it or do it yourself. There is simply no team you can go to with a feature request that can be put on a task list and assigned to someone later on down the road. Without a champion to move it forward, it's just going to fall into the bin of great ideas that never see the light of day.

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