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So I'm into this platform with a vibe.d api server + back-end and I'm confused/curious to know the hosting package to use. I will have a lot of images uploaded by users.

1. For sometime, I've been looking at heroku which is fine with its load balancer, easily scaling etc. But the hosting cost for a startup is high and (most importantly) requires an external storage either s3 or cloudinary which no lib in D currently exist for them (stable).

2. Get an EC2 instance from Amazon or Vultr and install everything yourself and save images on disc (potentially problematic). This can not be scaled easily

3. use a self-hosted PaaS like Flynn (aka self hosted heroku) ...but you still have to store images in an object storage and a D api is needed for this. Which links back to point 1 but less costly and more control.

How would you do it if you were using vibe.d?

(With node.js, all these are solved).

On cloud foundry you have the possibility to push a pre compiled binary and use the binary buildpack or to use a D buildpack and push the D source code. There is an issue with vibe.d if your CF ram is limited to 1024 MB. This is not enough to compile vibe.d. You have to change the compilation mode to single file.

On Aws you can also use Lambda (nodejs), as Nodejs is able to start your D binary. Someone has written a D blog about this topic. I think it was about Amazon Alexa.

There are obvious costs and also hidden costs on Aws. You have to run your scenario for an month and then check the actual costs...

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