On Saturday, 12 August 2017 at 11:43:32 UTC, Jonas Minnberg wrote:
I am currently using D on my Raspberry PI, but two things that makes it harder are;

1. There is no way to detect that I am running on the PI. This is needed in my case to use the special OpenGL ES version on that machine.

2. Profiling does not seem to work. You can build a profiling build but it does not output any trace.log.

Anyone know how to work around these issues or even dig into why, that would be great.

-- Jonas Minnberg

1. compile time: version(ARM) (while not exactly only PI, it will be enough to differentiate between PC and Pi), if you really want to be sure you can read /proc/cpuinfo at runtime or before the build and check if the string BCM2708 is in there (raspberry pi 1) or BCM2709 (raspberry pi 2/3)

2. Thats a bug if the exact same code & command outputs profiling on PC. I suppose you are using LDC? You should search if there is a issue and post an issue with code & commands you can use to test it otherwise.


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