On 2/6/18 2:07 PM, H. S. Teoh wrote:
I'm not sure I'm seeing the value of using ctRegex here.  What's wrong
with a module static runtime regex initialized by a static this()?

No, I'd rather have it initialized on first call.

And before anyone complains about initializing the regex if user code
never actually uses it, it's possible to use static this() on an
as-needed basis:

        template ipRegex()
                // Eponymous templates FTW!
                Regex!char ipRegex;

                static this()
                        ipRegex = regex(`blah blah blah`);

        auto isEmail(... blah blah ...)
                if (ipRegex.match(...)) ...

Basically, if `ipRegex` is never referenced, the template is never
instantiated and the static this() basically doesn't exist. :-D
Pay-as-you-go FTW!

You may not realize that this actually compiles it for ALL modules that use it, and the compiler puts in a gate to prevent it from running more than once. So you pay every time anyways (compile-time wise at least). It also makes any importing module now a module that defines a static ctor, so cycles are much more likely.

In any case, there is a PR in the works that should eliminate the need for regex altogether: https://github.com/dlang/phobos/pull/6129


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