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I seem to vaguely recall that in some cases, ctRegex might even perform slower than regex(). But either way, my use cases for regexes generally aren't performance-sensitive enough to be worth the trouble of huge compilation time slowdown -- I just use regex() instead of ctRegex.


That depends on what you're doing with it, and also how you're building it. 3500+ lines isn't a lot of code; it ought to compile pretty fast unless you're using a lot of (1) templates, (2) CTFE. Also, I find that dub builds are excruciatingly slow compared to just invoking dmd directly, due to network access and rescanning dependencies on every invocation. I have a 4700+ line vibe.d project; Diet templates are template/CTFE-heavy and generally take the longest to build. (I dumped dub and went back to an SCons-based system with separate compilation for major subsystems -- as long as I don't recompile Diet templates, the whole thing can build within seconds; with Diet templates it takes about 30 seconds :-/.)


Well I'm using vibe.d, but not templates on this project, just a minimal rest service, and a few timers and runTasks. So yeah I don't see why it should slow down that much.

Is there some tutorial or example for using SCons with dub dependencies?

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