On Friday, 9 February 2018 at 07:54:49 UTC, Suliman wrote:
I like D, but sometimes it's look like for me too complicated. Go have a lot of fans even it not simple, but primitive. But some D futures make it very hard to learning.

Small list by me:
1. mixins
2. inout
3. too many attributes like: @safe @system @nogc etc

Which language futures by your opinion make D harder?

Is D really over-complicated? I'm not really sure.

As someone who writes a bit about corner-cases and traps, I feel that there isn't nearly enough content to author an "Effective D" book.

However I feel like D is very long to learn because, like a control panel with many buttons, you have to become intimate with every feature and where to apply them - and D has a lot of buttons. For example when to use "alias this" is a blurry judgement call that have to be finetuned.

It's a long integrative process to use D effectively, but you can mostly write useful programs from day one which I think is interesting.

Of course I've a personal list of things that could be removed, but let's bet it won't match anybody else's kill list :)

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