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> > [...]
> > The reality of the matter is that shared is _supposed_ to
> > result in a bunch of compilation errors when you try to do
> > stuff to it. You're supposed to either use atomics to mutate a
> > shared object or protect it with a mutex and temporarily cast
> > away shared so that you can actually do stuff with it. You're
> > really not supposed to do much with a shared object while it's
> > shared, and a lot of folks don't understand that.
> > [...]
> > - Jonathan M Davis
> Time to write an article/tutorial about this! Did I miss it?

No. The only article that I've actually written is the "Introduction to
std.datetime" that's on the main site and really should be rewritten now
that std.date is long gone. I've been intending to write more but haven't
gotten around to it (in part due to a lack of time and in part, because I
wanted to get my own website up so that I had a place to put articles, and I
only got that up finally this morning even though I've been intending to do
it for ages). I'll probably do a write-up on shared at some point precisely
because we need one, but I don't know when.

- Jonathan M Davis

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