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> >    3. string mixins always used in place of some sort of more sanitary
> >    macro system
> [...]
> That gave me a double-take.  "Sanitary" and "macro" in the same
> sentence?!  That's just ... I know what you *mean*, but the thought is
> just, wow. :-D

I feel like the keyword there was MORE sanitary.
Writing functions that assemble code into a string is definitely not the
best way... you lose syntax highlighting, code completion/suggestion,
refactoring, etc, in any meaningful way.
The less your meta requires you resort to strings, the better... and that
folds back into my #1 point; storage class separate from the type system is
the greatest complexity on meta; almost always leads to text mixins,
because there's no machinery for storage classes (or attributes). Can not
alias, compound, aggregate... anything.

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