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I think the perception of D being complicated is more from programmers coming from Python/Ruby/JS (and to a lesser extent, Haskell/Scheme/Java). D is quite different if you're coming from a "VM" or "scripting" language because it exposes you to a lot of new concepts such as static typing, value types, templates, monomorphization, immutability, memory layout, linking and compilation, compile-time vs. runtime, etc. It's not that these programmers are less skilled or less knowledgeable; it's that if they've never used a language that has forced them to consider these concepts, then it looks to them like D is a massive step up in complexity compared to the language that they're used to.

I think if you asked 100 C++ programmers whether they thought D was a complicated language, 99 of them would say no. If you ask 100 Python programmers, 99 would probably say yes.

Thanks for this very insightful post.

Before reading this, I couldn't understand why people thought D was complex... I come from a strong C/C++ background, so to me D is like a breath of fresh air in terms of understandability, flexibility, and verbosity level. "Complex" certainly isn't what I'd think of when I think about D. But I suppose if someone is coming primarily from a Python background, D could certainly be considered quite a step up in perceived complexity!

I've done lots of C++ (though more in the earlier years), and I have to disagree. I'd agree C++11 is more complicated than D, but D is still complicated. I think I've programmed in enough languages (from asm, Perl, Java,...) and in large enough projects to have a good idea of what languages can be like.

I'll probably continue to stick it out and play with D for personal projects because of the things I like and find interesting, but professionally it's a no-go (pardon the pun).

Frankly, I think it is doomed to be a niche-use language. While many more things were done right compared to C++, too many things were done wrong and there doesn't seem to be interest in breaking backward compatibility to excise them from D.

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