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Digitalmars-d wrote:

Really? That's not been my perception.

 From what I've seen, anything that requires the user to mixin a
string, is pretty much automatically granted the black mark of death -
no one will touch it.

Well no, the mixin is not exposed to the user.

But I do see it used quite a lot inside libraries, specifically Phobos.
Well, "quite a lot" is not a fair statement; perhaps I should better say
"more often than it probably should be".  While a mixin-based hack
certainly gains brownie points for cleverness, in the long term it
incurs a maintainability cost, and sometimes a hefty one.  If the mixin
is of significant length, it can be a nightmare to debug / fix / extend.
(And I say that because, yes, to my shame I've also done that in my own

Ahh, I see. I wonder if the immediate "reach for string mixins" reaction is larely, perhaps subconciously, due to impedance of all the asymetric mess that dealing with types can otherwise be?

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