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On Friday, 9 February 2018 at 07:54:49 UTC, Suliman wrote:
Which language futures by your opinion make D harder?
Not many! D is a fairly complex languague, but just about everything
feels like to be here for a good reason. That includes many oft-hated
things: inout, auto ref, goto, BetterC...
TBH, I'm not a fan of inout. Not because of how most people feel, that
we shouldn't have it; IMO it doesn't go*far enough*.

Actually, it goes way too far. :o)


For example,
there's currently no way to express conveying the constness of a
delegate argument's parameter to the return value, which would have been
useful in some places in generic code.

The fundamental issue is that D's type system has no parametric polymorphism, and 'inout' is an approximation to some special case of it, but it is not so clear which special case. It actually differs based on context. (IIRC the meaning of 'inout' has subtly changed in the past to fix bugs caused by some typing rules assuming one thing when others assumed another, and one of them was randomly given precedence.)

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