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TBH, I'm not a fan of inout. Not because of how most people feel, that we shouldn't have it; IMO it doesn't go *far enough*. For example, there's currently no way to express conveying the constness of a delegate argument's parameter to the return value, which would have been useful in some places in generic code.

So it's in your list of wanted stuff, not in your list of excess stuff. We're in agreement here.

What I would like to remove, is auto-decoding (popular opinion, I know)

I would totally back up killing auto-decoding. With fire. And extreme prejudice. :-P

barring some kind of workable (probably very long) deprecation cycle, I just don't see it going away anytime in the foreseeable future.

If we had something similar to c++ template lookup, it would, as I see it, finally solve that, along with many other problems. But bring some others, it's said... Better wrapper writing way than alias this would also solve it mostly and without the ADL problems, but there would still remain a problem with string and char literals.

__traits, is expression, typeof and std.meta templates should be invokable in a more UFCS-like manner

As for is-expressions, I think either Walter or Andrei (possibly both) have acknowledged that the syntax is a mess. But too much code already depends on the current syntax, and changing that now will be far too disruptive.

But UFCS style also allows the traditional way, there would be no breakage. So I quess that even here the existing thing is there for a reason after all.

After reading Manus list, I think I agree with his point 1.

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