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I like D, but sometimes it's look like for me too complicated. Go have a
lot of fans even it not simple, but primitive. But some D futures make
it very hard to learning.

Small list by me:
1. mixins
2. inout
3. too many attributes like: @safe @system @nogc etc

Which language futures by your opinion make D harder?

1. Metaprogramming is a mess. Metaprogramming in D is split across many features: like templates, __traits, the "is" expression, .tupleof TypeInfo and probably others I have forgot.

2. The "is" expression. This is one of the most complicated features in D. I understand most of the examples in the spec [1], but then when you see how this feature is used in the wild, it's like: what!... how did you... that doesn't make sense.

3. Ranges only works with mutable arrays and don't work with tuples

4. "alias" parameters don't accept all values/types/symbols that "T..." does

5. Lambdas don't work, as far as I know, with alias or type parameters. That is, it's not possible to use a lambda to as a predicate to, for example, filter a tuple of types

These are all annoying issues when you work with metaprogramming resulting to add workarounds that makes the code unnecessary complicated.

[1] https://dlang.org/spec/expression.html#is_expression

/Jacob Carlborg

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