On 02/12/2018 11:47 PM, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
On Monday, February 12, 2018 23:33:54 Nick Sabalausky  via Digitalmars-d
On 02/12/2018 09:38 PM, Walter Bright wrote:
On 2/12/2018 4:47 PM, Ali Çehreli wrote:
Nothing serious but in case you are confused, there are at least three
separate and awesome Alis frequenting these newsgroups. :)

We can definitely use some more awesome Alis!

I know another Ali I've tried to turn onto D, but he's pretty happy with
Python. Oh, well.

Well, we don't want to there to be _too_ many of them. If the density gets
high enough, we'll end up with a black hole. ;)

Or just a lot of confusion with names!

I'm just glad we're not all named "Smurf". (Ooooh, I think I just gave myself an idea for an esolang! "Just when you thought 'static' was too overloaded..." ;))

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