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But none of these features are *necessary* to start coding in
D. They are optional extras that are nice once you're comfortable with the language. I got by fine for *years* without even using a single mixin, or knowing what 'inout' does, or use any attributes.

It's like human language, there's a set of core words ("basic features") that you have to know to hold a conversation, but there's a vast vocabulary of more specialized words ("advanced features") to draw from when you need to be more precise or in special situations. You don't need to know the *entire* language to be functional in it. E.g., there's a vast body of scientific vocabulary that 90% of the general population (of native English speakers) has no idea about. Yet they can live and function in society just fine. But that vocabulary is there when you *do* need it.

That's true for writing your own code, but when you look at other code like the standard library and are trying to understand it - if it's written using a plethora of features, then you have to learn a plethora of features.

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