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On Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at 15:26:12 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
dmd -X spits out the json file with a list of functions and classes and other stuff. Then you can just filter that.

do you know why the first and last character of the output from "dmd -o- -X somefile.d" are [ and ] with all the json inbetween.

I'm don't really know json (never had a need to know) but as I try different json parsers, the first thing I have to do (before giving it to the json parser), is strip off the first and last character of that output.

so why put them there in the first place, is my question.

They form an array.

`[1, 2, 3]` is an array of numbers, and `[{"a":1}, {"b":2}, {"c":3}]` is an array of objects.

here is my point though:

module test;

import std.stdio, std.file, std.json;

void main()
string myFile= "source.json"; // a file produced by: dmd -o- -X source.d

    string js = readText(myFile);

JSONValue j = parseJSON( js[1..$-1] ); // why do I have to do this??

    writefln("%s = %s", j["kind"].str, j["name"].str);
    writefln("file = %s", j["file"].str);


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