Want to learn something from you guys.

forum.dlang.org is by far the biggest gathering point for Dlang users. So, even though I wanted to get away with using stackoverflow.com, I have to come back here. However, to me it easier for me, I would like to know how you guys get comfortable with using the forum?

From my experience with forum platforms like vBulletin, phpBB, Invision Power, and even interfaces of Google group, and Github Issues, I still find it very difficult to understand the logics of using dlang's forum. FYI, I am not a new user of internet, I'd rather consider myself someone can take pain to learn new useful things. And I've administered some forums myself. Yet I would like to name a few things below. They may irritate some hard-working contributors of dlang community. But I by no means want to make this a discussion of hate. So, how do you guys overcome these problems:

1. No post editting. After clicking send, and found out that you made mistakes in the post, but you can't edit the post anymore.

2. Old-day quoting presentation. I always feel reluctant to read texts that stays after two levels of quotes, like this:
 >First post quoted
 >>Second post quoted
 >>>Third post quoted
 >>Second post quoted

3. No Rich-text format support. No minimal bold/italic support. Some tools to emphasize important points will make it easier to let the readers know what the posters want to say.

4. No code formatting. Same feeling here. I am reluctant to post more than 5 lines of code.

5. No image support. In many cases a screenshots will be helpful to communicate problems.

6. Last but not least, a trendy feature: tags, keywords for threads so we can locate related threads easily.


If I may say it honestly, and despite the useful 'save unsent draft' feature, the forum is by far the most user-unfriendly forum platform ever (by appearance). But I may be totally wrong, because users here are using the forum in totally different ways, and it may even has some nice perks that I haven't heard of. I would like to enjoy a full joy of using the forum, like you are having.

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