On 3/2/18 3:02 PM, Steven Schveighoffer wrote:

It's easier than that.

The git blame view in github shows it as this commit:


If you look in the upper left, it shows "master (#1181)", where 1181 is the PR that merged it. Click on the "#1181" and it brings you to the PR.

My full workflow for tracing the history of some code (in case anyone is interested):

1. Go to the file.
2. Click on the line number of the line that I'm interested in.
3. Scroll back to the top, click on blame. It will switch to blame mode and auto-scroll back to the line I clicked on earlier.
4. Click on the commit that made the line happen.

At that point, I can get the PR, as shown above. Or in many cases, the line is moved from somewhere else. Then I do this procedure:

1. Click on "parent commit"
2. Click on "browse Files" button at the top.
3. Find the location of the old line.
4. repeat phase 1.


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