Hi everyone,

thank you all for your great answers. I'm playing around with @nogc right now, and it looks really promising. Strings and static arrays all seem to be located on the stack, which is so much better compared to std::string and std::vector in C++. The double indirection for virtual functions bother me, and it isn't getting better with all methods being virtual by default - I guess I'll be writing the keyword "final" very intensively in all my programs. I would also gladly pay some bytes in pointer bloat to have my virtual functions speed up. Strange that D kept the vtable approach when breaking with C++.

I know that D concentrated much on C++ compatibility a while ago. Are there any plans to support the direct inclusion on C header files? Many important libraries like ICU have C interfaces even when written in C++. The direct support of C headers would be very convenient in migrating parts of C/C++ projects to D. It would also open up POSIX which is used extensively in our work.

This looks great:
but it must be tedious to keep such files up to date.

Despite the point where I'm complaining, I must say that D looks very impressive. Beautiful syntax, large standard library, and standardized inline assembler (Thank you!). I'll definitely try to find a suitable project to try out D under serious conditions.

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