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> Seb wrote:
> > OT: I don't know what you are doing, but you seem to be the only one
> > who always creates new threads when replying. I assume you use nntp?
> > Maybe something wrong with your client?
> it was already discussed several times: this is the issue with mailing
> list processor: it cannot properly link replies. it is unfixable with
> the current nntp/mlist arch, though.

Yeah, the trouble is that I'm using the mailing list interface, and
Mailman, the software behind that, is munging my outgoing mail headers.
Nothing much I can do from my end, unfortunately.

I've pestered Brad about it before, but the real trouble is the Mailman
software.  If you feel motivated enough, pestering the upstream Mailman
authors about it might actually get us closer to fixing this problem, as
it really isn't a problem on Brad's end either. It's not unfixable, it
just requires a change to the Mailman software to process headers


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