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(I'm posting this here instead of D.learn because it isn't really a "How to do XYZ in D?", but rather to invite discussion on high-level solutions to a problem.)

Here's a common problem:

1. A project (ex, some library) uses travis-ci (and/or other) to ensure compatibility with a range of compiler versions. The travis configuration file includes a manually-curated list of compiler versions.

2. CI tests are triggered by new commits/merges/PRs in the project.

3. New compiler versions are released.

Well, just for the record - imho adding your project to the project tester is the best way to prevent regressions a priori: add your project to the Project Tester (ci.dlang.io).

The Project Tester runs the testsuite of currently ~40 packages on every PR at dmd, druntime, phobos, tools and dub An example: https://ci.dlang.io/blue/organizations/jenkins/dlang-org%2Fphobos/detail/PR-6259/2/pipeline

Imho it's te best way as a regression is caught _before_ the change is merged and the need for the interaction is on the side of the person who would introduce the regression (i.e. the one understanding the change).

New projects can be added either by making a PR to the file to [1] or pinging me.

[1] https://github.com/dlang/ci/blob/master/vars/runPipeline.groovy

but there are still limitations and downsides (ex: D tester has limited resources

FWIW it's not so limited and highly parallizable. It's already configured to automatically create new temporary worker machines in the Google Cloud [2] whenever there's more traffic/demand. Considering the upsides of knowing that your project can _never ever_break again is so huge that imho even if more workers are needed, it's well-justified as there's quite a net gain.

[2] It currently uses the cheap preemptible VM machines in the Google Cloud (https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/instances/preemptible), but Martin plans to migrate to Hetzner soon as there are too many problems with those VMs.

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