On Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at 03:37:36 UTC, 9il wrote:
5. Clever `=` expression based syntax. For example:

// performs CBLAS call of GEMM and does zero memory allocations
   C = alpha * A * B + beta * C;

My answer is: Yes.

If D with Lubeck would have such a convenient way to write matrix algebra, using well designed operator overloading, this might attract more users.

Unfortunately my own time using this kind of math daily is long ago,
but I would like to help as a tester.

I will look in my master thesis and see if I may use Lubeck for the calculation done. I was doing eigenvalue with FEM and in an other project partial differential equation with a matrix based approximation schema... so this may bring my "gray cells" to work again :-)

I was using a C++ lib with operator overloading resulting in quite convenient expressions. The point that Java has no operator overloading, was the trigger for me to dislike the language. :-)

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