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Exactly, which is why I'm insisting this - and not compiler benchmarking, let alone idle chattaroo in the forums - is where we need to hit. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a high-impact preapproved item of great general interest. Shall we start the auction?

I have analyzed the problem;
And in this case it points to _std.uni_ as the main time-taker.

I have also created and uploaded a video where I show how to do this kind of profiling. It got a bit carried away at the beginning so you can skip to 10:45 :)

For those are not up to watching me talk slowly:
Phobos is in dire need of having dependencies broken.

And having dedicated compile-time profiling tools is pretty useful. Even if they are very rudimentary it's better then semi-randomly commenting out code.


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