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> Sorry if this is "re-opening" an old thread, but did anything
> come from this and DIP50? It seems like a really interesting
> concept and this thread was one of the first results for a Google
> search.

D does not have any kind of AST macros and likely never will. Walter is
completely against the idea - though I'd have to go digging through
newsgroup's history to find posts where he talked about it to give the exact
reasons. It's been a while since they were discussed last, and I don't
recall them at the moment. Either way, DIP 50 was part of the old DIP
process where DIPs were not always really reviewed like they should have
been, so it was never officially accepted or rejected. I don't know if
Walter or Andrei have even ever looked at it. And for any DIP to be accepted
now, it must go through the new DIP process: https://github.com/dlang/DIPs

So, regardless of what Walter thinks of AST macros, for them to make it into
the language, someone will have to submit a DIP through the new DIP process,
and no one has done that yet. However, based on what Walter has said in the
past, I would fully expect such a DIP to be rejected.

- Jonathan M Davis

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