On 17 May 2018 at 01:12, Mike Parker via Digitalmars-d
<digitalmars-d@puremagic.com> wrote:
> This is the review thread for the first Community Review round for DIP 1014,
> "Hooking D's struct move semantics".
> All review-related feedback on and discussion of the DIP should occur in
> this thread. The review period will end at 11:59 PM ET on May 31, or when I
> make a post declaring it complete.
> At the end of Round 1, if further review is deemed necessary, the DIP will
> be scheduled for another round. Otherwise, it will be queued for the formal
> review and evaluation by the language maintainers.
> Please familiarize yourself with the documentation for the Community Review
> before participating.
> https://github.com/dlang/DIPs/blob/master/PROCEDURE.md#community-review
> Thanks in advance to all who participate.
> Destroy!

This is great!
I've wanted this on numerous occasions when interacting with C++ code.
This will make interaction more complete.

Within self-contained D code, I have avoided self-pointers by using
self-offsets instead in the past (a bit hack-ey). But this nicely
tidies up one more little rough-edge in the language.


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