On Friday, 18 May 2018 at 00:05:49 UTC, IntegratedDimensions wrote:
This may be a suitable solution. While it has some overhead and pollutes the environment, it at least offers a working alternative unlike other (non)"solutions".

It would be better if HOME wasn't so general since other applications could collide with it in usage. DMD_HOME would be better or in addition to.

This is generally not considered a problem because sc.ini is a unique-enough filename. It is certainly not considered a problem on POSIX platforms today (following freedesktop recommendations), where the expectation is that programs will use their own unique-enough file/directory names (generally named after the software) in /etc or ~/.config, or as dictated by $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS / $XDG_CONFIG_HOME if set (which they usually aren't).

You'd probably want to set HOME to the same value as %USERPROFILE%, as that best maps to its usage on POSIX (where it is generally always set). That would also give it a good value for any other POSIX-ish software that would happen to use it (then there would be no need to worry about collisions because it's set to a good value). You could then place your sc.ini there.

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