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Thanks in advance for your participation.

For those of you using the NNTP or mailing list interfaces, this is the thread to respond in. Thanks!


This is great!

Just a clarification about the last paragraph phrasing

The last line: "We can further reduce this problem by calling the function opPostMove." seemed to imply that an alternate name to opPostMove would be mentioned, but am I correct in understanding that it is just saying that "naming this second function as op* will keep code breakage to a minimum" ?

This is a left over from a previous draft, where the operator was called "opMove". It should be removed.

Also, what should happen if someone defines an opPostMove for a class. Compile error or? Should something about that be mentioned?

I think nothing should happen. The function would be ignored, just like it is today. I am open to hear other ideas, however.

I'm not sure whether it should be explicitly mentioned or not.


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